Friday, July 17, 2009


We had tons of famiy come over to swim with Shani and Heather and babies!! It was tons of fun to have everyone over with all of their babies1

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Amy and Woody get engaged!!

Amy and Woody at Adam-ohndi-ahman minutes before Woody popped the question!!
Amy loves her ring!! How did Woody get it to Kansas so fast??? Flying monkeys??
First engagement pic taken by a kind passer-by!! Woody is in Kansas City selling pest control, and flew Amy out to see him for the Fourth of July. On Sunday they went to see church history sites, where he surprised Amy by proposing!!! They have been dating for app. 8 months. Woody is from Alpine Utah. We are very excited to welcome him into the family!! We just wish we could see him more often this summer, we have an engaged daughter, but no fiancee that we see, except on Amy's computer when he calls on Skype. They are planning to get married on Nov. 21 in the Las Vegas Temple. Come celebrate that evening with the happy couple!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

First Fourth for Baby Kakes

Baby Kakes in her fourth of July outfit, we didn't get to see her, but Heather sent this photo, and she is adorable! as well as patriotic.

Happy 20th to Amy Baby!

Our favorite cake, strawberries with jello and whipped cream, yum! I can't believe my Amy is no longer a teenager, but what I really can't believe is that she is not still 4 running around with wispy hair, cute chubby cheeks, and locking herself in the pantry because she is sooo "hoongry!"

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Adam meets baby kakes!

Adam is now home for the summer, working and saving up for school. Look how natural and good looking he looks while holding Kherrington, single women, call me I have the perfect guy for you to date--Adam! He comes complete with a nephew and neice to play with!

Grandbabies again and again!

Grandbabies are the cutest, well ok, Heidi is really cute too! Little baby kherrington is so sweet.
Brighton is so strong, and is flipping over now!! Arent they both adorable?!

Heidi gets braces!

My kids always get braces when most everyone else is getting them off, due to the extreme lateness of their teeth coming in! Heidi is very excited to have hers, because it means one day they will come off and her teeth will be beautiful, Thanks to Jeff Simister who has helped 4 of my 5 children have beautiful perfect teeth!

More grandbabies

Kherrington in her cute swimwear!
Brighton is not phased by the pool, and just kicks back and sleeps!

My mom meets her new great grandbabies! She immediately held them and look how happy she looks! It was a sweet and tender moment.

Heidi's dance recital

Heidi is a rock star!- center, on the right
Heidi and her dad-her second biggest fan, I am the first of course!

Heidi and her cousins, Michelle gave Heidi privates all thru winter, and helped her make the school dance team, thanks Michelle!! Bailey also was in recital, the cute little gal in the striped shirt with flowers in front!

Mark and Karyn's surprise farewell party

Forever friends!
Mark and Karyn were truly surprised when they walked in. All of their kids had planned this special event for them, and it truly was a fantastic send off. We were privileged to attend their setting apart by M. Russell Ballard as Mission president and companion to the Washington D.C. South mission. They will be exceptional missionaries, and will touch so many lives.

Happy birthday to Doug's father!!!

This was such a fun event, well attended, yummy food, so fun to have almost everyone together. We have a video of Vern's life that will always be a treasure. What a blessing to have such wonderful, loving, faith filled parents/grandparents!