Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Amy Baby!

The kids used to play dress up and put on plays. This is Amy in Adam's shorts, playing the role of a boy!

Amy and her and Heather's dollies!
I wonder how old Amy will be when she stops being my Amy-baby? Or will she always be amy baby? Shani had her first recital the night I had Amy. I remember going to recital and watching from backstage so that when Shani was done-she did great of course!-I could leave with her right away as I was having contractions. Amy came very early the next morning. I went to the hospital and they said you are not ready yet, so I walked around the hospital for an hour or two, came back and asked for my shot, they checked me and said: no time for a shot! Barely time for a doctor! Silly nurses, I always was more ready than they thought. Amy was born on the same date her great grandmother, Ella Calista passed away, which is where Amy's middle name came from. Amy has always been a sweet and loving and hungry! child. I remember when she was about 4 she shut herself in the pantry, and when I told her to come out, she said, but I'm sooo hongry!! And it's no wonder she has loved dancing so much, as she was ready to be born during a dance recital!! She also did soccer for a long time, and earned the name Crazy legs, cuz even when she was down on the ground, her legs would continue to kick the ball! We will always love our Amy baby! Happies of birthdays to her, her first one married!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Once I had Bunker Dancers and Karate Kids too!

So I have been viewing everyone's posts and blogs about dancers, dance recitals, cute little kids in darling costumes, and feeling very nostalgic for the good old days-when my house was so full of children, noise, laughter, love, kicking and twirling! I remember a friend once came to my house about the same time as the karate adam photo, and kids were running upstairs, slamming doors and laughing, music was blaring, and there was stuff scattered everywhere. she looked around, took it all in, and looked at me and said "I never imagined your house would be like this!" It just made me laugh, cuz my house was ALWAYS like that, and I miss it! The days of having my house full will always be the favorite times of my life, not that life isn't good now, and I love my sons in law, and my sweet grandbabies (just wish I could see them every day!) but those days were the best. If you are living in them, enjoy every second! Laugh and play with your kids, every moment is precious and goes soooo fast! I love my kids! They will always be my stars!