Saturday, February 28, 2009

Heidi's singing debut

Heidi and her school friends performed Zero to Hero over the wknd in the schools Disney and Dinner program. The evening came complete with a line for dinner almost as long as the ones at Disney! Heidi and her friends performed wonderfully. Zach showed off his mad dance skills, and notice Alyssa's new hair cut. And yes, I did make the costumes! Heidi had a lot of energy, as usual, and sang very well! She continues in her "birthday" countdown to the big 16!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Go look for lizards!

So the other day I am in one of my favorite stores, Target, looking around, and I see a clearance item that I just might have a place for. Quickly I use a lifeline, and call my hubby to see if he agrees with my plan. Upon finding out my location, he tells me: "Quick run, get out of there! That is an expensive place to be! You have obviously found what you are looking for and are now just wandering around. Go out in the desert and look for lizards. It is fun, and doesn't cost any money!" I am still laughing out loud about this "sage" advice!