Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Squirted Gramma, got sick, and got a new tooth!

Well what a busy couple of days I have had! On Thursday Gramma was feeling all smug thinking that she could go the whole week without being squirted, but really I was waiting for the opportune moment! Thursday morning the time was right, the diaper was open, gramma was unsuspecting, and I let it fly! It was a good one too! Gramma screamed! Luckily Auntie Heidi was home and helped Gramma clean up, hee hee. I figure if me and Brighton are going to have contests one day, I better start practicing, he is older! Then on Friday, I got a fever and a croupy cough. I didn't sleep much, and Gramma says I better nap cuz she is exhausted! I had to go to the Dr. but luckily got no shots, only medicine. While the Dr was checking in my throat Grampa saw that I got a new tooth! On the bottom! I am the earliest one to get a tooth, yay for me, I set a first!! I am very excited to tell my mom and dad about all my adventures this week, and can't wait to see them!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My New Trick

I don't have a picture of me doing this yet, Gramma is too slow with the camera, but I have taught myself a new trick, and I just love it do it! I make a round "O" with my mouth, then breath Oh Oh Oh in and out in a breathy whispery sort of way, it sounds so cool, and I am so impressed with my little self! Gramma likes to do it with me too. I can't wait to show mom and dad and Brighton!

I miss my mom and dad!

Gramma left me with Grampa to have dinner with friends, and I love Grampa, I really do, but it reminded me that I was missing my mom and dad and brother, and I just got so sad I cried alot, I felt bad for me!! So did Gramma and Grampa and they did hug and kiss on me and cheered me up.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday with Troy

Grampa came home for lunch just to play with me! I like to play with grampa and Molly, but Molly usually runs way from me, I don't know why!
I am ready to run errands and go to lunch with Gramma!
Yes, there are sometimes when I like to play toys and crawl around, but I do like to be held alot!
I did good at lunch with Gramma and her friends, everyone thought I was adorable and they all wanted to hold me, but I just wanted gramma to hold me! Gramma bought me some blanket sleepers because she thinks I like the snuggie sack so well, but I might grow out of it soon. Gramma says I can have my Christmas toy early to play with here, and now she says I can have half of an outfit too, my sweatshirt jacket so I can wear that early too! Staying here is working out good for me! But I do miss my mom and dad and brother!

More of Troy

Fun facts about me!
*My hair grows in a little V that Gramma thinks is perfectly adorable. She tries to spike it, but it doesn't work very often. She needs to get some hair goo like my mom has

*I am friendly and smiley and fun to be around, especially when I get my way!

*I am obsessed with anything esp. paper that makes a crinkly sound. I will crawl over anything to get to the crinkly sound

*I love to be rocked to sleep. Somehow the rumor got started that I did not, but I do!! One time Gramma even thought that I was so tired I would just lay right down, but then I reminded her quite loudly that I like to be rocked!

*I like to be held, or have Gramma sit close by me while I play

*I like to go outside on walks

*I like to pull on gramma's hair and put it in my mouth too. She loves me so she lets me some of the time!

*I like to kick kick kick my legs, they are always moving! This usually makes my socks fall off. One time in Target I lost both my socks, and Gramma looked and looked but could only find one!

Day 2 and 3 of Troy

Michelle and Deloy come to visit me! I am not here enough everyone wants to see me!
Cousin Barrett came to play with me! and he brought his family too!
Me and Gramma! We match!
Me and Grampa! This is me in my Sunday outfit! I was really good in church! The very first thing I noticed was that me and Gramma did not smell the same, so I burped on both of us, and then we smelled just right, and exactly the same! I am sure that made Gramma happy. And I was a big helper in Primary, and sang the songs with all the other kids and even took a little nap! That night some cousins came over with their mom and dad and played and that was fun. On Saturday Gramma thought I needed something warmer to sleep in, as I didn't sleep very well. I was missing my parents of course, but Gramma bought me a snuggie snack and I started wearing it over my jammies at nite. I admit I have been sleeping much better, and usually wake up only for my morning bottle. My bedtime routine is Gramma gets me ready, I kiss Grampa and laugh at his funny faces, I kiss Adam, Gramma puts me in my snuggie sack and off to bed I go. I like sleeping time!

Troy comes to Visit!

Yes I am a little gooey, but you can tell that I am happy~!
Having fun at Gramma's and Grampa's house!
Yep it is me Troy and I am visiting Gramma and Grampa! It did come as a surprise to me when I found out that I was the only one visiting, but I am having fun now! The visit started out well, with me and mom and dad and brother all in one room, sleeping, and I even got to sleep with mom and dad some! But then in the morning they all got in our car, without me! I thought they would be home soon, and would call out to them quite loudly so that they could hear it whereever they were to let them know they had forgot someone very important-me!! I even went on a semi hunger strike to show everyone how upset I was, and only ate a little and drank a little but by about 4 pm I decided grampa was right, it is easier to be happy on a full stomach, so I started eating again, as you can see. Gramma and Grampa are playing with me, and Kherrington, baby Oaklei and Aunti Heather came to play too!