Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday with Troy

Grampa came home for lunch just to play with me! I like to play with grampa and Molly, but Molly usually runs way from me, I don't know why!
I am ready to run errands and go to lunch with Gramma!
Yes, there are sometimes when I like to play toys and crawl around, but I do like to be held alot!
I did good at lunch with Gramma and her friends, everyone thought I was adorable and they all wanted to hold me, but I just wanted gramma to hold me! Gramma bought me some blanket sleepers because she thinks I like the snuggie sack so well, but I might grow out of it soon. Gramma says I can have my Christmas toy early to play with here, and now she says I can have half of an outfit too, my sweatshirt jacket so I can wear that early too! Staying here is working out good for me! But I do miss my mom and dad and brother!

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Amy and Woody said...

He looks like he is having fun! Cute pictures