Monday, September 20, 2010

Heidi gets a car!

Doug gets Heidi a car-a 2004 mustang! It is an anniversary special, and has lots of mustangs everywhere, including the seats! It is in perfect condition-not a ding on it anywhere, can we keep it that way???! Heidi was thrilled, and looks so cute in it. Her senior year, and she has a hot ride, go Heidi! I hope this year lasts a looong time, tomarrow nite is my last open house!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Drawing to an End

Visiting the grandbabies on the way home from Idaho!

The manly men at lunch on the way up to Idaho.

Forget about the movie parties Heidi now has math parties, where friends come over and do calculus!

Heidi and Alyssa, still great friends after all these years.
Notice the keys, yes Heidi finally got her license this summer, and is driving to school!

This is Heidi's senior year, and my personal happy days of having my kids live with me in my house are drawing to a close. This is very sad. How did the time go so fast? I miss all of their little faces and voices. But I still have one more year, and I am going to enjoy it to the fullest! I am going to live happily in every minute of it! And with every ending, there is a beginning, and I am excited to see new happiness come, like when I visit my grandkids and they smile at me! I love to visit with my kids. We just took Adam up to college and it was fun to visit with him. No wonder grandparents get motor homes, so you can drive to all your children and grandchildren, and have your home come with you! I guess I will have to start checking those out!