Sunday, May 2, 2010

More Heidi

Heidi is so lucky to have great friends, and to be in groups together for dates! What great memories they are creating, and they are all great kids.

Heid at prom


Heidi and her date Bryce
Heidi in a dress originally worn by Shani to her cousin April's wedding! I am so glad that Heidi can wear her sisters dresses, and look so cute in them!

Heidi goes to a church formal!

Heidi was very fortunate to go to two dances this spring, one of which was a formal sponsored by our church. She wore a dress that wore a dress that Amy wore for her senior prom, and just like amy, she looked great in it!!
Heidi's cousin Scott, his date, Heidi and her date Mitch.

Amy and Heather and Kherrington came down to be Heidi's fan club, thanks guys!

Kirsten did Heidi's hair so cute, with a strand of fake red hair for fun! thanks Kirsten!

More Death Valley

When we went to Death Valley, the weather in Vegas was in the 60's, but in the valley, it was 90 and felt hotter. We had to relax in the shade with a popsicle!
Doug is King of the Mountain! The hills beyond were awesome, golden and layered.

Death Valley is dry, dry and having all these yellow blooms across the desert floor was fun to see, altho like Doug pointed out, it was not Busch gardens!

Death Valley Trek

flowers that can be seen everywhere in the deserts around us-we just need to slow down and look! We saw these on the way to death valley, we kept getting out of the car and exploring with my aunt and uncle, who were here from conneticut visiting my mom,
My aunt and uncle, Beth and me visiting Death Valley!