Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lucky Heidi

We are all lonely with out Brighton.
Lucky for us, we still have Heidi! and lucky for her, now she can get again 200% of our attention, 100% from each of us, all centered on her. Lucky lucky Heidi!

Finally-my parents come home!!

Look at how happy I am! When I first saw them, I couldn't believe it, then I jumped into their arms, and kept squealing with joy! I had so much to tell them, esp. how much I missed them!
Have you ever seen such happy faces? Now that I have my parents back, I am NEVER going to let them out of my sight again, never never. I know that everyone here will miss me, but they can come see me at my house. Oh, and mom and dad, can they bring DJ and Molly too?

More cousin friends!

My last full day at gramma and grampas was sooo fun! After I woke up from my nap after I came back from playing with my other cousins, then Auntie Jenn and Sienna and Austin came over to play too!!~I want to play with all these guys more often!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I hope I get this for my birthday!

Look at this cool car I found at Aunt Michelles. I hope my mom and dad get this for me for my birthday!! My dad loves cars, I bet they will get me one! Gramma says they are coming to get me tomarrow, I am soooo excited!! I am sad for everyone here tho, they will miss me. Heidi didn't get to see me that much, so I made sure to get up early today, so I could help gramma fix her breakfast and lunch, and then ride with Heidi to school, so that she could see me every second she could. I am nice that way. Molly will miss me too, she follows me around now, and even comes in my room to sleep with me, I hear her collar go jingle jingle and then I sit up and tell her how happy I am to see her, but then gramma makes her go out. She even stands still and lets me pull her hair, I mean, pet her. I can even play ball with Molly now. Grampa will miss reading to me and tickling, but I bet gramma will miss me most of all. I have trained her well in how to take care of me, and she will be lonely. She didn't even lose any weight like she wanted, but I could have guessed that, we spend way too much time eating. She needs to just copy me, purse your lips and just say no! We have had a fun time together!

Thursday-Brightons last full day here

This has been such a busy week, Gramma and I have had no time for blogging! I went to Wal Mart with Gramma on Monday and picked out this cool stroller so Gramma could take me on walks. We even take Molly! She runs everywhere.
I love to play with balloons. Me and gramma went to the grocery store, and they had TONS of balloons, I got so excited and started pointing and calling out: B'oon, B'oon, then gramma got so excited about me saying balloon, everyone was laughing!

Me and Heidi on St. Patricks day, we wore green so we wouldn't be pinched.

And today was the best day ever!!! Me and gramma have had a cold all week, so today we finally felt good enough to have a play date with cousins, I have so many of them!! This is me with Dakota, and Graham. It was so fun playing in the backyard with all my new cousin friends. I missed seeing Madison and Mason, and Sienna and Austin, oh and Bailey and Peyton too. Hopefully next time!

This is all of us playing. Gramma had fun too visiting with all the cute young moms, and they were so nice to let a gramma come over to visit. There were so many kids and so many toys-I want to come again!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Brighton Day 4 & 5

' On my fourth day with gramma and grampa they took me to dinner to celebrate great aunt beth's birthday. I didn't do much eating, but had lots to fun booping around and talking very loudly! Church on day 5 was fun, I met lots of new friends in the hall, tried to help the sunday school teacher teach the lesson (I had to take her manual to make sure I knew the topic) and had very much fun in relief soceity, where lots of ladies wanted to hold me, and kiss on me!! I want to go there again! Gramma wanted to take a pic of me in my cute vest, but church was in my nap time, and I was toooo tired.

Friday, March 12, 2010

My Turn, Brighton is in bed!

I wanted to put these up, I know they are out of order, but too cute to pass up. There will be more brighton tomarrow! Amy and Woody came to see us and spend their first valentines day together as a married couple at our house! this was before poor woody broke his leg. Having broken his knee several years ago, Doug can sympathsize with woody. We hope for a speedy recovery for him! We love our honeymooners!

Playing chase

I love to run and play chase, Molly is in front of the door and I am running to her! Gramma says this is the view she sees most, me running away! She thinks she will lose weight while I am here, but I don't know, we seem to spend alot of time eating! I also really like to take things apart, and scatter them around, that is how I learn about things. I think I am teaching gramma and grampa really good about how to take care of grandkids!

Day 2 and 3

Why did this barracade go up? Couldn't they tell I was practicing flying down the stairs, I mean getting down the stairs?
Playing outside with grammy and my new Blink!

I ate most of my mixed vegies!

Playing with my new toys and my balloon

It's me-Brighton!

I definetly have musical talent!
I am not afraid to get gooey when I eat-gramma calls me goo-man!

Me and Grampa reading together

Playing with my soccer ball from auntie Heidi-I love it!

This is me opening my birthday presents with mom. I got to open them early so I can play with them at gramma and grampas this week while my parents are away. There are no toys here, what do they do all day! But I am inventive, and find lots of things to play with, like a bowl and a spoon instantly become a drum set! Boy, do I have my work cut out for me this week. There is so much that I have to teach gramma and grampa, I hope I have time for it all! The main item is that I am the King, they are my bodyguards and entourage. I need someone to keep me safe at all times, what do I know about safety, I am just a baby. Also, since they are watching me every second, that gives them the chance to see all the really cool things I do, and applaud! My favorite things to do:
*play chase: I chase Molly and gramma chases me
*play food wars: I show off my skills at evasion, defense, and clearing the tray and gramma practices sneaky assaults, distractions, and quick spoon -ins. Molly gets to take care of my crumbs so she is on clean up. I hate squash, ewww, and I tolerate mixed vegies
*take baths: I love to splash!
*play with a balloon: I take it everywhere I go, and bat it
*read books with grampa
*rock in the rocking chair with gramma before she falls asleep, I mean before I fall asleep
I miss my mom and dad, but am having fun with gramma, grampa and heidi, and molly and DJ the bird. We squack to each other, and if the bird came out, I am sure we would be great friends, but gramma and grampa say no. I am getting up early so that everyone can appreciate every second with me, plus I want to see auntie heidi before she leaves for school!

heather and heidi celebrate together--again!

Doesn't Baby Kakes look like Boo on Monsters inc? So cute! Cute parents too!
Baby Kakes wants to play!

Bathing beauties!
A family tradition--opening presents together for Heather and Heidi

Heidi gets our front door decorated for her bday! We were so excited to have Heather and Jordan and baby Kakes come and visit us for the wknd! and Heidi was happy tohave her bday partner home! Even the boys had a great time, getting in two games of golf, and one frisbee golf!
Amy and Woody had come home two weeks before this, we always love when our kids come home, we never see them enough and enjoy all our time together! Heidi has now turned 17, where does the time go? I remember when she was just a tiny little girl and now she is big. Luckily for us she is repeating her senior year, three times!