Saturday, January 30, 2010

Beth and I visited our sweet mom on Christmas Day!
Grandkids-what a great present!

Albright grandparents and grandkids and spouses that were celebrating at our house! We felt very blessed to have everyone home for Christmas, even Heather and Jordan surprised us by coming home--yay! It was the best present to have everyone home. Some years Christmas reminds me of a blizzard-blanketing and obliterating all normal life, and some years it is a speeding train, rushing rushing rushing, and then speeding by and as you watch it go the words: but I barely got my tree up can barely be heard as it speeds away! this year it definitely was the train!! but I treasure all the little moments that made it great! I loved the one moment when my house was clean and all festive and lit, yes it was only one moment, but I treasure it!, I loved the family times, watching the grandkids play in the packaging and with their toys, rejoicing in everyone just being together, watch the boys play with their helicopters, family family and extended family, rejoicing in the birth-and life-and atonement of our Savior--all of it was as always truly the best of times, the most wonderful time of the year!