Sunday, August 29, 2010


At the start of summer, Heidi started in on her super summer conditioning schedule for dance, and those dance girlies sure do work hard! They exercised for 4 hours aday this summer! She told me she could do 48 GUY push-ups and half of them she did clapping! Whoa. And yes, she does have great arms. I have never been known for my upper body strength, or any strength really, but thought hmmm and gave it a go. After 4 measly push-ups I was on the floor, totally done. So I set a goal to do 10 at the end of summer. I now can do 12!! Yes, the last 4 are really wimpy and I squeak them out, but still! Go me! Summer is over, I am sad, had some great vacations, didn't loose any weight, but I am excited that I can do a few "guy" push-ups!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

More Roos Zoos

Look at that open mouth, eww but great shot!
This capuchinn monkey loved this otter, so holding one brought the other! I couldn't get enough of holding the otters!

Doug got to hold the otter too!

Heidi and the otter. One got loose and started running all around, and the zoo people had to catch it and put it back in the otter pond, behind Heidi.

The otters have a happy home. They were sooo adorable. Can't wait to go and see them again!
Luckily I still have more things on my bucket list, but this was one of my favs!

Bucket list Moment

This was not the bucket list moment, altho it certainly was one for the books! I am holding an apple and the camel is taking it from me. It has special lips that can pick up food from the sand with out getting any sand! We went to a petting zoo in Moapa, and had so much fun with the animals.
Heidi gave the camel her apple. It was still a baby, and already huge!

Marie Ireland went with us. Heidi and Marie are holding baby chicks.

Heidi and a baby kangaroo.

Ok this is the moment, me holding a baby otter! It was soft and furry and squirmy and liked to snuggle up close to you. It made cute little chirpy sounds. I love otters, and getting to hold one was soooo much fun!