Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ok maybe I am getting old!

Last week we were at Vern and Barbara's, and I found a small bottle of what I thought was lotion. Who needs glasses, when I can obviously tell what it is? So I immediately started applying lotion to myself, my arms, and my legs. After a few minutes, I noticed that I felt greasy rather than smooth. Putting on my glasses, I saw that I had just applied head and shoulders shampoo to myself---ewww! Then this week I was visiting my mom and decided to curl her hair. I had to go to the locked cupboard to get the hairspray, again without my glasses. I found a tall bottle of a nice pink color that said Suave on it, with 24 underneath. Well, Suave makes hair products, right? and 24 must mean super hold. So I took it back into my mothers room, and started to spray it on her hair. I noticed it was kind of powdery, but thought it must be kinda old. When I finished I brought it back out front, and told the caregivers I was going to put away the hair spray. They all looked at me strangely and then started laughing, and told me I had just curled my mother's hair with Suave Deodorant!! (I didn't know Suave made deodorant!) Luckily my poor mom's hair was powdery, rather than greasy. I guess I am going to have to wear my glasses around my neck so I can see always! Oh dear.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


The whole group!
Heidi and her date, GarrettAlyssa, Heidi and Kierstin.
Heidi was very exicted to go to Homecoming! She went with friends from our ward, and her date was a boy she went to kindergarten with! We had lots of fun taking pictures, and everyone was excited for their big evening! Thanks to Heidi's sisters for helping to make her so glamorous and beautiful!