Thursday, January 29, 2009

Watermelon bellies

My father used to tell me when I was a little girl that if you ate watermelon seeds, you would get a big belly! then he would point out pregnant ladies, and say "see, she ate a LOT of watermelon seeds!" I was so paranoid of watermelons, and would carefully pick out each and every seed, he must have been laughing so hard! I bet he is smiling at his pregnant granddaughters, aren't they the cutest pregnant ladies ever?

Bringing sexy back

Doug's new Christmas hat, courtesty of Adam. When Adam told me he bought Doug a hat for christmas, I thought oh no, and I was right! Doug has a thing for hats that cover the ears! Here he is demonstrating that his newest hat also doubles as a communications aid device!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Doug and I at the tree in Bellagio, Kim, (friend of Amy's, Heidi, Adam, and Amy in front of the Bellagio waters. We had fun being tourists.

Santa did stop at our house, but more importantly, we had the spirit of our savior, Jesus Christ. How grateful I am for this special season in which the world stops to take notice of not only each other, but the birth of the Savior. May His spirit abide with us all!
Heather and Jordan, Shani and Chris during our 16 hrs together!

My mother joined us on Christmas day. My sister Beth and her family came as well. My mother had very good health during 2008, no hospital stays, hope 2009 goes well too!
Delivering Secret Santa presents to the neighbors!
Extended family celebration with Albright Family! Scott, Uncle Chris, Aunt Elaine, Heidi and Allie.

An all-bright Christmas!

Christmas is the most wonderful, magical, warm, bright, loving, and also stressful, packed full, and crazy time of the year!! Ours was great, just went by much much too quickly. We were all together at our house with everyone for a brief, 16 hr time slot, but we were lucky to have that as the married kids were at the in laws this year! We missed out on some family traditions, once again Heidi was too busy (perhaps too teenagerish!) to sleep under the tree, yet we brought back the 12 days of Christmas, bringing gifts to our neighbors on either side, and that was really fun to reach out to them, and get to know them better! Merry Christmas all the year thru, how many days left?