Saturday, July 31, 2010

Everyone went swimming when we got home from the beach. The unsalty water felt very nice!
We missed our Adam on the beach. He is installing alarms in Texas, and couldn't come.

Our final nite on the beach at sunset, we were hungry and it was breezy and chilly so we didn't stay out as long as usual!

We went to the Orange County Fair and Heidi wanted a picture with the snake. This boa eats large rabbits, I think if Brighton knew that, he wouldn't have been so comfortable so close!

Heidi and Jordan on a swinging ride at the fair.


The babies were too small to go boogie boarding but loved to dance on the boards!
Heidi tried surfing, and got up on her knees!

The boys loved playing in the waves. Woody got the award for turning upside down the most.

Amy and Woody played in the waves, I used to fit in that wetsuit Amy has on in the good old days!
Doug and I caught some fun waves! We had limited sun this year, but still had lots of fun. The week is never long enough.

Beach days are the best days!

Amy and Woody build their first sand castle. Woody kept going and going, adding and improving even after thniks picture, he fortified his moat, and sculpted his castle more.
Heidi had her book and her cell phone on the beach. Her phone was in a plastic baggie that she texted over!~

Doug brings his hammock every year. The funny thing this year, was when he got on, and tipped over backwards, everyone on the beach cracked up!
The babies loved the beach! Brighton really got into it, getting buried in the sand by his dad and woody, and constantly run into the water. His lips would be blue with cold and still he would run into the waves! It took Kakes a couple of days to really enjoy the sand, then she would walk all over, but not in the water!

We all love the beach! We go mostly every summer, and enjoy our time together. It is so relaxing to get away from the pressure. Beach days are the best, even when it is cloudy!