Monday, December 12, 2011

More of Troy

Fun facts about me!
*My hair grows in a little V that Gramma thinks is perfectly adorable. She tries to spike it, but it doesn't work very often. She needs to get some hair goo like my mom has

*I am friendly and smiley and fun to be around, especially when I get my way!

*I am obsessed with anything esp. paper that makes a crinkly sound. I will crawl over anything to get to the crinkly sound

*I love to be rocked to sleep. Somehow the rumor got started that I did not, but I do!! One time Gramma even thought that I was so tired I would just lay right down, but then I reminded her quite loudly that I like to be rocked!

*I like to be held, or have Gramma sit close by me while I play

*I like to go outside on walks

*I like to pull on gramma's hair and put it in my mouth too. She loves me so she lets me some of the time!

*I like to kick kick kick my legs, they are always moving! This usually makes my socks fall off. One time in Target I lost both my socks, and Gramma looked and looked but could only find one!

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