Sunday, February 13, 2011

Heidi happenings

Heidi at Homecoming in her blue dress I picked out all by myself! Heidi has been blessed to have a fantastic senior year, filled with fun times with great friends, and also, lots of dancing!
Heidi had so much fun with Chris Layton at Homecoming. They have been friends a long time.

Heidi and Alyssa and Jessica, friends forever!

Shani came home to help Heidi get ready, lending not only her amazing hair talents, but also her hair itself! as she let Heidi wear her extensions. Thank you Shani!
Hey we see you over there, after the lip sync! Heidi with Peyton and Brindisi, her dance girlies! The dance team is having a great time together, and are super close.

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Amy and Woody said...

love your new header!! It is very very cute! And also I love that dress and Heidi she looks so old it's hard to believe. Miss you mommy!