Friday, March 4, 2011

Christmas in Las Vegas!

Scott and Heidi at his farewell party. Good luck Elder Albright-off to Canada!
Beth and I with Mom at our little pre Christmas celebration. It is nice to have dinner with her in the main dining room.

Chris and Elaine, Paul and Karen, Doug and Megan, and Vern and Barbara. Mark and Karyn are still in Washington D. This year we again had the Albright Dinner Party, only instead of moving houses, we just had the dinner at Karen and Pauls, and all brought food. The Christmas exchange is always a blast, and everything was even more fun this year, as we had missed last year.

Our small but sweet and filled with love, family at home Christmas!

Adam and Heidi posing with Molly. Maybe they are not sleeping under the tree, but tickling works!

Gramma Martha can no longer come to our house, so we went to her place and had dinner in the dining room with her for our own little pre-Christmas celebration! She seemed happy that we were there with her.

At the Albright Family dinner, Dallin jumped in our family picture with Gramma and Grampa, and he seemed to blend right in! The family dinner was way fun, with yummy food and songs, and little great grandchildren and grandchildren dressing up and acting out the Nativity. It is fun to have all the cousins and family together. God bless us, everyone!

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Amy and Woody said...

GRandma looks very happy in those pictures! What a beautiful smile :)