Thursday, January 5, 2012

Troy again

Here I am back right where I should be! I am showing my new teethers!
I still like my grammy!
Me and my family!
Yay my mommy has me again!
What alot has happened to me! My mom and dad came home, with my big brother Brighton! I was a little unsure first who they were, and who I should go to, but I remembered Brighton right away and squealed in happiness to see him! I quickly remembered my mom and dad, but I still went to Grammy lots, cuz she took such good care of me for my mom and dad. Then a whole bunch of other relatives came, Amy and Woody and Kherrington, and Jordan and Heather and Baby Oaklei, joining all we already had at home with Adam, and Heidi, and gramma and grampa, what fun we all had together! I had such a great Christmas time with them! And then I even got another new tooth! Look at me go. I am so proud of my little self. Setting a first iin the family even though I am the second child! I had fun with my gramma and grampa and am ever so glad to be back where I should be, with my family!

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